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Time to get deep, Forza Pizza peeps. You saw my recent posts and by now have heard about what happened at Gino @sorbillo’s pizzeria in Naples. While this was a truly devastating event, it is also a sign of major FORZA.

This isn’t about pizza on a screen. It is about a real pizza community, how they are rallying behind Gino and his pizzeria, and how the term “FORZA” is playing a significant role. Simply browse the comments in his recent posts and you’ll see how special, meaningful, and encouraging the term FORZA really is. Seeing this exemplary use of the term and the tremendous amount of FORZA on display after this tragic event has been very special for me to see.

The term FORZA PIZZA is and has been very dear to my heart for over a decade now (pictured 2008) and represents not only the power of the world’s greatest food but also of those who make it, eat it, support it, and share it.

Forza Pizza is about showing strength, force, and power as it relates to pizza. Just like Gino Sorbillo did 6 years ago when he opened the day after his pizzeria was set on fire. Just like he is doing now, and just like the many others in this industry displaying FORZA every day – whether it’s finally opening your dream pizzeria, or working 10 doubles in a row, employing people, making dough at 2am, improving a community, serving people, inspiring younger generations, or the countless other examples. These are all acts of FORZA through PIZZA.

While the word FORZA means force or strength, it goes way beyond that. It is a term of encouragement and motivation which, in our case, presents itself by sharing pizza. Whether that is through actual pizza or a picture, video, recipe, map, swag, or otherwise.

And that is exactly what we’re doing over here. Hit me up with any comments or questions. FORZA PIZZA!