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Forza Pizza in NIAF

The National Italian American Foundation exists to "serve as a resource for the Italian American Community; to preserve the Italian American heritage and culture; to promote and inspire a positive image and legacy of Italian Americans; and to strengthen and empower ties between the United States and Italy". Some pretty awesome goals by a pretty prestigious national organization, so it was a tremendous honor to be featured in their latest issue of their Ambassador Magazine. 

If you want a glimpse into the origins, highlights, and mission of Forza Pizza the folks at NIAF did a tremendous job summarizing it for us. Special thank you to Natalie and Don for doing such great work.  

The NIAF is somewhat of a private club and their content is only shared with their membership online and in this quarterly magazine. So please excuse the lack of a link and please enjoy reading the article as a somewhat bootlegged image below! Hope you like it and please hit me up with any questions or comments! 

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