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Marinara Pizza from Sapori Napoletani - VIDEO

Sapori Napoletani is one of my neighborhood spots that I get to hit up pretty regularly. I'm not sure if that makes them one of my regulars, or if I am one of their regulars since they're the spot and I'm the person but, either way, I love when I go in there a little after hours and I can talk with Pizzai-owner (pizzaiolo + owner), Antonio Vitiello, and his wife, Ewelina, behind the pizza counter. We talk pizza trends, pizza people, pizzeria openings and closings, and anything else pizza as they humor me and let me clip some videos together while simultaneously embarrassing myself on my Instagram story. 

This time around, as I often do, I got a classic MARINARA PIZZA. One of the simplest Neapolitan pizzas topped with only San Marzano tomato, garlic, oregano, basil, and EV olive oil. An easy-eating, vibrant, and pungent pizza that is light and addicting. So much so that, if it wasn't for all the picture-taking, I would've threw this baby down in record time. So before we get all drooly, enjoy this start-to-finish video of the Marinara pizza from Sapori Napoletani in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago.

The Marinara is truly a pizza-eater's pizza. If you're not one, you might glance over it as too simple for whatever your pizza occasion may be. If you are one, you've come to appreciate its simplicity to the point where you crave it. It takes confidence in yourself and trust in the pizza-maker to expect great things from a cheese-less pizza with no substantial ingredients. When a Marinara pizza is on point, like the one above, the bright, cutting, almost tart combination of flavors will make it hard to order anything else next time around. So when your pizza instincts tell you to get the Marinara, then get the Marinara.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Stay tuned for many more!